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          IN JAPAN!

          Use our pocket WiFi for Japan and get
          connected anywhere!


          Pocket WiFi for Smart phones, Tablets, and Laptops


          Vision Global WiFi has best network covers Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Fukuoka and more!

          Traveling on your own? Prepaid SIM cards are an affordable way to get connected. All you need is an unlocked device! With just a few minutes of set up, you can get connected with your Japan International SIM card.

          Using an international pocket WiFi in Japan allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc without the hassle of Japan sim card setup.

          Enjoy safe and reliable WiFi connection anywhere in Japan!

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          • WORLDWIDE
            • Available where you need it. Services offered in over 130 countries and regions around the world.
          • FLEXIBLE
            • No need for long term contracts or hidden fees. Our Japan WiFi rental service is customized to your travel plans be it study abroad, a business trip, etc. We support it all!
          • CONVENIENT
            • No contract necessary! Flexible plans based off of your travel plans.
            • Get your device delivered straight to your doorstep prior to your trip.
          • LOW-COST
            • No long-term contracts. Only pay for YOUR travel days.
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          Vision Inc's services has been trusted
          by over fourteen million users worldwide


          Our competitively low prices for pocket WiFi rentals in Japan lets you stay connected while staying on budget. We have 3 plans to accommodate data usage. Up to 5GB a month is $5 a day, unlimited data is $6 days (with 3GB/3days data cap), and lastly our unlimited MAX plan is $7/day.

          WiFi As low as
          Save more with long term rentals!
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          • RESERVE/PAY

            First reserve and pay online via credit card.

          • DELIVERY

            Then you will receive your device in the mail or at any other participating pick up spot for your enjoyment including Narita, Haneda and Kansai Airport in Japan.

          • RETURN

            Finally, return the device one day after returning home.

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          Need support? Contact us at any time!
          TEL : 1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
          MAIL : support@www.wa-gz.com
          or via our Facebook or Twitter page!

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          WIFI IN ACTION ~ JAPAN ~

          • Web Search – Search for Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels, Tourism Spots etc.

          • Apps – Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, E-mail, Translation, Games, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

          • Share with friends and family.

          • The fast, stable connection allows you to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, and more.

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          • C Clem M.

            All my friends were telling me that there wasn't free wifi in Japan. I was deciding whether to purchase prepaid sim card for Japan or rent pocket wifi. I'm so glad I decided to rent portable wifi in japan from Vision Global WiFi.

          • K Kai G

            I had heard that Tokyo's metro system was one of the hardest to navigate in the world! But with Vision Global WiFi's routerI had no problem transferring trains and getting where I need to go!

          • S Silver S.

            When I was in Japan it seemed like not many people could speak English. That's why having the Global WiFi's pocket wifi Japan really helped me to find my way around, order at restaurants, and even check into my hotel. Taking the train was also really easy!

          • D Dane B.

            I was sooo excited to go to Japan and try all the delicious food and soak in the famous hot springs. Thank goodness I rented a japan pocket wifi so that I could research in proper manners. It of course was great for using Google Maps.




          Japan consists of 47 prefectures, each of which have popular tourist attractions. Tokyo, the capital city, becomes the main city around Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) and Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), and the largest Japanese and foreign visitors to Japan are gathered. The second largest area is Osaka and Kyoto. It is an area mainly located around Kansai International Airport. There are cultures, words and buildings completely different from Tokyo which makes it a popular tourist destination. Some of the other major cities that represent Japan are Fukuoka, Nagoya and Hokkaido.


          EXPLORE TOKYO!

          If you've never been to Tokyo before, make sure to check out the famous robot restaurant and Tokyo tower which stands tall at 634 meters high! It is the largest tower in Tokyo, so you can't miss it! Other popular tourist spots include the Sensoji Temple and Tsukiji Market.


          EXPLORE OSAKA!

          While in Osaka, stop by the Osaka Castle which represents the historical part of Osaka city. There are lots of things to see here! Check out the Osaka Aquarium, Universal Studios Japan and Shinsaibashi, which is located in the downtown Osaka area.


          EXPLORE KYOTO!

          Kyoto is an ancient city with a history dating back thousands of years. Here you can find the Fushimi Inari shrines, a long procession of torii gates and Japan's most beautiful golden temple of Kinkakuji. Tourist's love the the Kiyomizu Temple, hot springs of Arashiyama and Nijo Castle.



          Relatively close to Tokyo, Kanagawa is a popular area to take in nature and enjoy hot springs. Hakone area's sculpture and Mori Art Museum, Lake Ashinoko, Owakudani, 13ft 122 ton Kamakura's great statue, and center of Kangawa's Chinatown are also popular.



          Fukuoka is often called the entrance to Asia. Fukuoka is filled with Japanese and foreign tourists because of the transportation development of Fukuoka airport, Hakata port, and Hakata station. There is a large shopping center in the middle called Canal city. Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival celebrates the Kushida shrine that is said to protect the city of Kushida and is a popular tourist spot.

          RESERVE NOW
          1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
          RENT WIFI
          高青| 逊克| 台南| 维西| 麻栗坡| 峨眉| 临武| 潍坊| 昌平| 宁海| 镇赉| 封丘| 邛崃| 八里罕| 舟曲| 江阴| 永安| 庄浪| 海西| 文水| 静海| 鄞州| 府谷| 西沙| 南康| 晋洲| 台州| 庄河| 淅川| 连城| 沙塘| 扎赉特旗| 万安| 潞江坝| 鸡东| 讷河| 牟定| 德保| 鸡西| 高县| 宜昌县| 察哈尔右翼中旗| 石楼| 天峨| 铁干里克| 曹妃甸| 怀柔| 察隅| 南雄| 承德| 索县| 郴州| 梅县| 泸县| 石棉| 太和| 都昌| 南部| 淇县| 林西| 连南| 河曲| 西畴| 野牛沟| 大田| 镇原| 黄山市| 洪湖| 石拐| 明水| 北票| 山阴| 瓦房店| 同安| 泰州| 石楼| 翁牛特旗| 乌审旗| 虞城| 辉南| 漳州| 涞水| 长丰| 始兴| 大安| 庆云| 宜城| 冷水江| 莲花| 邵阳| 大邑| 天长| 鹤壁| 平遥| 双城| 信丰| 乌拉特后旗| 砚山| 拜城| 屯溪| 武定| 平谷| 小二沟| 兴和| 镶黄旗| 田林| 施甸| 云霄| 五道梁| 四子王旗| 高力板| 永宁| 土默特左旗| 黔阳| 中宁| 凤城| 迭部| 六枝| 白云鄂博| 泗阳| 马龙| 奉贤| 尚志| 沙塘| 铁岭| 靖宇| 平谷| 霍山| 榆中| 齐齐哈尔| 宾阳| 建德| 乌拉特前旗| 监利| 北碚| 崂山| 祁连| 乌当| 博罗| 澄海| 陇川| 梅县| 秀山| 德昌| 南岳| 西吉| 沙雅| 长春| 景德镇| 烟筒山| 阜城| 广昌| 保定| 荆州| 揭西| 本溪| 平乡| 山阴| 都兰| 吴县东山| 沅陵| 大邑| 宁国| 大武口| 乌伊岭| 朝城| 太仆寺旗| 本溪县| 成山头| 临淄| 恩平| 平阴| 平潭海峡大桥| 兴山| 科尔沁左翼中旗| 连云港| 泗水| 托里| 祁连| 项城| 罗田| 常州| 丰县| 炮台| 那日图| 余杭| 垦利| 辽中| 永安| 阿拉善右旗| 漳州| 准格尔旗| 东兰| 聂拉木| 华县| 马鞍山| 若羌| 沈丘| 彭山| 三穗| 汕尾| 永兴| 汉川| 乌鲁木齐| 浪卡子| 霍山| 焉耆| 梧州| 台州| 平台| 灵宝| 元阳| 大同| 兴仁堡| 阿克苏| 珊瑚岛| 闵行| 土默特右旗| 台中| 澳门| 昭通| 资兴| 太华山| 河南| 楚雄| 乌鞘岭| 于都| 沙雅| 博罗| 临邑| 龙南| 百色| 平顺| 景泰| 象山| 莆田| 达州| 嵩明| 津南| 金川| 绵阳| 方城| 介休| 永吉| 星子| 府谷| 仁化| 尼勒克| 八宿| 九龙| 济阳| 当阳| 什邡| 巴雅尔吐胡硕| 彭水| 东乌珠穆沁旗| 黔西| 信都| 綦江| 白沙| 宁安| 恩平| 呈贡| 安义| 海晏| 汉沽| 永丰| 围场| 南城| 霍州| 盐边| 锡林高勒| 铜仁| 盘锦| 临潭| 明光| 兴宁| 威远| 临高| 阿木尔| 原阳| 乌恰| 鸡泽| 佳木斯| 娄烦| 察哈尔右翼中旗| 闽清| 大荔| 韶关| 库尔勒| 留坝| 大田| 克山| 霍州| 高淳| 长宁| 元谋| 柳江| 腾冲| 蓬溪| 梅县| 武义| 淮阴| 三河| 永德| 崇义| 镇安| 勐腊| 中心站| 内邱| 茂县| 榆社| 沁阳| 祁阳| 柳江| 井陉| 安丘| 陵县| 彭阳| 普兰| 桓台| 太白| 达尔罕茂明安联合旗| 柏乡| 徐家汇| 扎鲁特旗| 邢台县浆水| 福山| 引水船| 赣州| 紫荆关| 西畴| 潼关| 南阳| 仁化| 五营| 定襄| 镇坪| 延安| 泰山| 固安| 阿木尔| 大通| 巨鹿| 于洪| 衡南| 德令哈| 乌苏| 万盛| 如皋| 鸡东| 同德| 沐川| 呼伦贝尔| 马祖| 越西| 巴彦| 呼和浩特市郊区| 朝阳| 台中| 宁明| 茶陵| 宝应| 聂拉木| 鄯善| 察哈尔右翼后旗| 淮滨| 乌拉特后旗| 沁源| 星子| 乌拉盖| 江华| 呼伦贝尔| 平远| 莱阳| 华池| 仙桃| 五指山| 白水| 梁山| 定州| 喀左| 石景山| 浦北| 延安| 丽江| 宁河| 灵川| 溧水| 易县| 漳平| 南皮| 南靖| 田东| 乐都| 丰城| 云澳| 施甸| 阿里山| 茶卡