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          ANYWHERE IN
          THE WORLD.

          • RESERVE

          Rent on a daily basis. Special pricing for long term plans.


          WHAT IS

          International WiFi allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc without the hassle of setup. Simply enter the password into your device, and you're set. Access the internet as usual without incurring expensive fees overseas.

          Connect multiple devices to one MiFi router and share connectivity with friends and family.

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          Vision Inc's services have been trusted
          by over fourteen million users worldwide

          WHY VISION
          GLOBAL WIFI?

          • WORLDWIDE
            • Available where you need it. Services offered in over 130 countries and regions around the world including Italy, Japan, Canada, England, France.
          • FLEXIBLE
            • Perfect for all needs.
              Available for 1 day or
              long term rentals.
            • Short stay, study
              abroad, business trips,
              working holidays, etc.
              We support it all!
          • CONVENIENT
            • No contract necessary!
              Flexible plans based
              off of your travel plans.
            • Get your MiFi device
              delivered straight to
              your doorstep prior to
              your trip.
          • LOW-COST
            • No long-term contracts.
              Only pay for YOUR
              travel days.
            • Share and connect
              multiple devices for
              only the price of one rental!
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          Simple payment method.
          Only pay for your rental period. No hidden or extra fees.

          Rent for as little as one day or get a special discount with our various long term plans. Services available in more than 130 countries and regions. Traveling to multiple countries? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

          As low as
          $2 /day

          *If traveling to Japan for more than 30 days

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          SIM, Roaming, Free Public WiFi Hotspot

          SIM card: Complicated setup and limited data. Only allows one device per SIM

          Roaming: Expensive roaming fees and slow connection.

          Free Public WiFi Hotspot: Usage areas limited, with questionable security

          Vision Global WiFi

          Vision Global WiFi: Connect wherever you are. Our fast, affordable, and secure MiFi router allows you to connect to multiple devices.

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          RENT IN 3 EASY STEPS

          • RESERVE/PAY

            Sign up online. Pay by Credit Card.

          • DELIVERY

            Your rental will be delivered via mail to your designated location within the USA or designated airports.

          • RETURN

            Please return the rental within 1 day of the original return date using the envelope included inside the package.

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          Customer Support: Contact us at any time!
          TEL : 1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
          or via our Facebook or Twitter page!

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          WIFI IN ACTION

          • Web Search – Search for Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels, Tourism Spots etc.

          • Apps – Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, E-mail, Translation, Games, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

          • Share with friends and family.

          • The fast, stable connection allows you to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, and more.

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          • D David S.

            Up until now, whenever I wanted to use my smartphone, I always used hotel or cafe's wifi, but it was always so hard to find. If I had to move places then I would lose the connection. But with Global WiFi, I'm connected while I'm out and about as well as when I'm in the taxi. It's made my traveling so much more convenient.

          • K Kate C.

            Even when my daughter and I were shopping while my husband and son were out sightseeing. Global WiFi let us keep in touch so we could always know where everyone was.

          • M Mark H.

            I loved that I could use Facebook real time. All my friends loved to see what I was doing and where I was during my travels.

          • P Peter G.

            I was worried that it would be really hard to use but was pleasantly surprised when all I had to do was turn the device on and enter the password into my phone. If I can do it anybody can.

          • K Kevin R.

            Being able to use navigation apps while abroad really saved me. I always knew how to get where I needed to go, how long it would take, and the the location's details. I didn't have to worry about getting lost or wasting precious travel time.

          • S Sharon R.

            While I was out on a business trip, I still always had to keep in touch with my home branch. Being able to use the internet while on the move really helped me keep up my performance. The fact that the connection is secure really makes this well suited for not just my leisure travel but for business as well.

          1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)
          RENT WIFI
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